Qwik Liner Warranty




QwikLiner sprayed-on liners are permanent applications that bond to truck beds and other type of surfaces, and may not bed removable.

Operation of certain mechanisms such as tailgates may become difficult once the permanent coating has been applied.

This warranty will be voided without this Warranty Certificate and proper Proof of Purchase. Please keep both documents in a secure place.


This warranty is valid only if the QwikLiner product proves to bed defective in material or workmanship; if it has been professionally installed by an Authorized Dealer according to the manufacturer's strict guidelines and procedures; and if the product has not been damaged as a result of misuse, abuse or accident.

The foregoing is in lieu of any other warranty or guarantee either expressed or implied. QwikLiner is not responsible for any expense, including but not limited to removal, inconvenience, incremental costs or consequential damage caused by any such defects. This warranty does not cover gloss retention and/or color change.

QwikLiner warranty for bed-liners is valid only for the ownership term of your vehicle. In the unlikely event of bubbling, peeling or cracking, Authorized Dealers retain the right

This warranty is for personal use only

to repair or replace any section of the QwikLinerproduct at its sole discretuib

QwikLiner warranty claims must be directed and resolved by the original installing Authorized Dealer only. No official or employee of QwikLiner is authorized to alter this warranty in any way whatsoever. This warranty may vary from dealer to dealer. This warranty may vary for installation in commercial, government and corporate fleets.

Check with your local dealer for details. Some stores may not allow certain exclusions or limitations covered under this warranty.

This warranty is NON-TRANSFERABLE and applies only to the registered purchaser named in this certificate.