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Here are most of the industrial coatings, linings, & truck bed linings vendors. You should contact their dealers or question these vendors directly.


Rhino Lining Starts Bed Liner Industry

Rhino Linings, initially a South African firm may have been the first on "spray-in pick-up truck bed liners". Russell Lewis, owner of Rhino Linings in USA seemingly spun off & started a trend of body shops mainly, applying this to pick-up trucks. It's possible that started a, "Spray-on Truck Bed Liners" industry. According to Russell Lewis during a meeting in 1995, the founders of Line-X all worked at Rhino Linings; this made sense. Ultimate Linings stated in their website at one time that they were one of the first Rhino Linings dealers who became a competitive vendor with a Low Pressure System. It appears Xtreme Liners followed with a High Pressure or higher-end System. Soon press releases on the net stated a merger between Ultimate Linings & Xtreme Liners but we believe it was the same owner. We saw Speedliner after this, run by Bearcat Industries & owned by Industrial Polymers. They may have initiated the Hopper Gun System. This is simple by comparison & much less expensive.

QwikLiner Uses a New Approach

We're probably not exact on chronological order but we saw QwikLiner followed this lower cost hopper gun with a, "Disposable Cartridge System". Now on Ultimate Linings + Xtreme Liner + QwikLiner’s linked websites you'll see this may've also been initiated by Ultimate Linings, although there is a Canadian version of QwikLiner who may be behind it. Although several vendors of these spray on truck bed liner dealerships followed, Charles Higgins, owner of Arma Coatings claims he founded this bed liner spray on trend in the USA. Higgins, also South African, stated this to us in lieu of who should have this credit. Unimportant to us, but an interesting assumption that Russell & Higgins as Rhino Linings vs Arma Coatings competition might have known each other from the original Rhino Linings in South Africa.

Spray Lining Guns Developed

We know that variations of (in order of more to less expensive) high-tech, fusion guns, high-pressure & low-pressure along with lower-end pressure pot systems, then cartridge guns, hopper guns, even basic cheap Schutz-style undercoating guns & even simple rollers followed. The very cheap application methods usually go with lower-end products known as DIY or Do It Yourself packages. We learned that some of these lower-end deals can be quite satisfactory in a truck bed. Bigger application equipment usually made by companies like Graco, GlasCraft-owned by Graco now & Binks seem to be big names.

This seems to be the biggest warning with DIY or dealer job deals: The quantity of material. Of course material quality matters where references & referrals help. FACT: Store bought products such as Herculiner & Duplicolor are low quality materials sold at an inflated price. The normal deal is about 1 gallon of material with a cheap roller to do a full size bed. At that rate, it's inferior. With normal stress of friction in a truck bed, these DIY's always fail. They quickly chip, peel up & crack. The importance of correct preparation before application may also be barely mentioned in some DIY deals.

DIY vs Professional Dealer Jobs are a choice but should require some research & verification before choosing. Aside from SLC and Als, no DIY bedliner is made of actual polyurea: DIY Bedliner Materials. … The issue with applications other than bed liners became a “new idea” of some bed liner vendors because competition reduced dealership profits. However SLC used polyurea well before truck bed liner was targeted. This one application of pickup truck beds alone became a sub-category of polyurea applications in general, like “The Bed Liner Market” was invented via Arma Coatings with Rhino, both from South Africa. Spray-Lining and Coatings existed before this manufacturing polyurea for farm equipment and slip-proof flooring. SLC includes Graco and PMC equipment as loaned equipment at no cost or minimal S & H which is job dependent. We distributes almost all brands new & used. Mil thickness & other specs such as tensile strength & adhesion are stated along with proper prep required for each application. Aside from Spray-Lining and Coatings, Line-X or Rhino Linings, other polyurea vendors claiming national “bedliner” brands are: ArmorThane, Amerigard/Armagard in Canada, Scorpion Coatings who's DIY is in small cans (and $55.00 gun at Harbor Freight for $24.99) is called Al's Liner, Reflex Truck Liners by Langeman, Vortex Spray Liners who sell deck coat called Granitex, Permatech, Super Liner- who seem to have been called Viper, SPI who sell Full Metal Jacket, Gatorhyde, Armadillo/Marvel Coatings, Perma-Liner, Diamond Liners, Custom Lining, SWD Urethane or Quik-Shield, Turbo Liners, Onyx, Toff Liners, Volatile Free, VersaFlex.

DIY bedliners are called Pro-Tex or Rock-It by SEM, Rustolium, Raptor, Defender by Morton, Durabak, Dupli Color, Herculiner, Hippo Liner, Monsta Liner, What-A-Liner (known as Chiri Enterprise Inc.), Grizzly Grip, Liner Xtreeme; we may have missed a few. Companies like Super Slide sell thick polypropylene panels which bolt into dump trucks for anti-stick or high temperature loads. True coatings manufacturers such as PPG, Carboline, DuPont, BASF, or Sherman Williams are publically owned multimillion dollar corporations. They all along with SLC provide classes with polyurea applications along with most industrial grade coatings. Graco, PMC, Wiwa along with less complex equipment manufacturers provide classes of spray techniques, methods, etc. Comparisons of Spray-Lining & Coatings vs Line-X vs Rhino Linings, Speedliner vs. Line-X, Line-X vs. Rhino Linings, Rhino Linings vs. Speedliner, Herculiner vs Al's Liner and many other comparisons exist. Still, most vendors aside from phony DIY deals provide quality products in this industry.

Truck Spray Bed Liner Materials

Polyureas & epoxies are usually the harder textures. Many Poly-Hybrids exist which are part polyurea blended with varied poly materials that are elastomeric in character. Spray-Lining and Coatings includes these solutions in it's product line, along with equipment that, "fits" each application. Our dealers have access to all equipment via the Spray-Lining and Coatings network. This includes specialty rollers, troweling equipment, etc. Certain DIY's that require big equipment are 100% possible. Volatile Free, Versa Flex & Pinnicle West, also under Pure Poly are basic suppliers of Polyurea & Hybrid. Most interesting is Volatile Free - this name may be understood as no Volatile Organic Compounds. The Volatile Free website has a product data page. Their data is not actual MSDS, no products flashpoint is displayed except one stating, “over 200º F”. It is possible to be considered VOC free in certain jurisdictions, yet every product contains isocyanates which are toxic, carcinogenic & require a specialized respirator to spray it. Pinnicle West, = Pinnicle West Enterprises, INC or Purepoly.com

Third Party Bed Liner Comparisons

Several comparisons exist from the F150 Forum, answers.google, tundra headquarters, automotive forums, diesel truck resource, tundra solutions, galttech, trucks.about among others. Popular comparos are Drop-in vs Spray-in bed liner, Bed Rug Vs Bed Liner? Best Spray On Bed Liner, Rhino Linings vs Line-X, Speedliner vs Rhino Linings, Speedliner vs Line-X, Xtreme Liners or Ultimate Linings vs Rhino Linings or Line-X or Speedliner and so on.

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