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Have your truck bed liner sprayed "professionally" with Spray-Lining. Use a DIY Kit or find a close dealer.
Get the #1 warranty on the toughest, thickest liner in America.

Spray-Lining is the alternative spray in bed liner. We have:

  • stronger hybrid elastomeric
  • bonds immediately thru paint forming seamless durable commercial grade membrane
  • superior to any sprayed protective coating

Modeled to beat Rhino Linings and Line-X, only the true, "Spray-Lining™ BRAND" truly surpasses other alternative quality bed coatings. extreme durability as well as skid resistance keeping all your valuable items in one place True Spray-Lining is currently applied by over 5,400 DIY applicators, dealers and thru OEM in factories. Meet the Distributor Team

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Compare Armadillo to Line-X Compare Rhino Lining, Line-X, Scorpion, armadillo
  1. Rhino Linings Corporation:
    Equipment designed to shoot one product, TuffGrip, a soft poly-hybrid run through a low-pressure Graco system. Hard Line, a higher percentage of polyurea, must go through a separate Graco system - higher pressure and higher cost. Startup costs are significantly over $50,000.
  2. Line-X:
    Similar materials designed for specific equipment made by Graco. Costs are over $100,000. Long contractual franchise agreement; more complex and binding than Rhino Linings' agreement. "lower cost startup system". This equates to a cartridge system similar to the one Spray-Lining includes in its packages at no cost. Ultimate Linings, Xtreme Liners, and QwikLiner are actually one compamy with one owner.
  3. Vortex Sprayliner & Reflex Truck Liners:
    These are two seperately owned companies with similar offers. Vortex, owned/run by Glen, sells the "Vortex" system with his own brand of equipment he developed himself yet is designed to spray only Vortex material. Similar to, but smaller than, Rhino Linings, Line-X, Ultimate Linings, and those spinoffs, Vortex attempts to retain the business of their dealers by selling equipment designed to spray only their material. Glen also developed Granitex, a hard epoxy-like two part system also designed to go through the "specialized Granitex power-roller". Seemingly the main target for Granitex is decks. Reflex Truck Liners, owned by Peter Langeman, attempts to duplicate the Rhino Linings/Line-X model by making standard Reflex Truck Liners which is designed to go through their standard "specialized" machine only. Langeman achieved some fame by obtaining a patent for wire trim tape - so for "perfect edges" on the side of your truck bed rail, someone MUST get the tape through Langeman. Aside from "dealer locators" where a website visitor must call them to find a dealership, Vortex and Reflex provide no marketing whatsoever for their dealerships. There are no territories and no protection from competing dealerships using the same product. For all practical purposes this is true with all sprayed bed liner dealership vendors except Spray-Lining. As for the wire trim tape, two layers of any quality masking tape removed within one minute creates clean edges on pick up truck bed rails.
  4. All other bed liner dealership players can be found on our Competition Page. Spray-Lining hopes to inspire you to compare products, equipment, dealership services, and support to any and all of these companies. The more you compare the better Spray-Lining will look.

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X-Spurt is supposed to be the best Rhino Linings dealer.

Tampa Line-X is supposed to be a great Line-X dealership.

Now compare what they say about their vendor versus what PYA-Team - a Spray-Lining dealer, or any Spray-Lining dealer says! You may also visit our Outstanding Dealers sites. Talk to them and see what they say about technical support, specialized solutions, and marketing & sales support. No brand name or generic sprayed bedliner vendor provides more customer volume and support to its dealers than Spray-Lining.