Best Spray Bedliners - DIY AND Dealers

Rhino Linings, Line-X and Scorpion Coatings Alternative for Bedliner Dealerships

Flexible Lining Systems is an international spray linings and coatings company. Unique protective function is our specialty:

  • truck beds and trailers
  • dump trucks
  • shoots and hoppers
  • waterscapes and koi ponds
  • agricultural and industrial coatings
  • boat/marine coatings
  • shop, factory, showroom
  • garage floors
  • roof/insulation coatings

Compare us to Rhinolinings, Speedliner,
Scorpion and Line-x
Learn About Dealer Marketing

Learn about our Industrial Floors | Marine | Pond Lining The perfect low-cost solution to bedliner names such as Rhino, Line-X and Scorpion Coatings. We provide higher quality spray liner materials in conjunction with a lower cost per square foot. This simple formula with variable textures and crystal clear formula provide a basic answer to complex systems of our competition with their many limitations.

Dealer Satisfaction = ROI

Flexible Lining Systems is dedicated to dealer satisfaction, on-site job support and DIY customers. Our support team:

  • 24/7 on-site training, application & sales support (Experienced professional applicators)
  • The only lifetime transferable warranty
  • Targeting: All brands of Bedliner, vehicles and non-auto competition modeling StonHard, Sierra Stone & the publicly owned Carboline
  • Effective cable TV, radio & print media advertizing; high-ranking web builds

With fast, friendly, knowledgeable support and our outstanding materials, we continue to be the best solution to your lining and coating needs. Ask Spray-Lining & Coatings distributors and dealers many of whom, aside from Rhino Linings & Line-X (the first two bed liner names), are disenchanted clients of companies such as Ultimate Linings, Extreme Liners, Scorpion Coatings, and Speedliner; and other DIY liners such as Grizzly Grip, Durabak, and What A Liner (Chiri Enterprise Inc.).

Highest Quality Spray Bed Liner & Lowest Cost Industrial Grade Coating

With Spray-Lining & Coatings, you have more choices than larger manufactures such as Carboline, DuPont or PPG; Spray-Lining & Coatings' professional services and dealership support leaves every other bedliner and coatings company in the DUST!!

Marketing - TV & Radio Commercials

QwikLiner and Ultimate Linings does ZERO advertising. Ask Vortex Sprayliners if they will loan startup equipment. Ask them all! Ask any Rhino Linings dealership if Rhino actually backs their warranty. In fact, ask any spray-on bedliner applicator if any vendor backs any warranty. We do - view our Warranty Page.

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In summary Spray-Lining & Coatings targets your clients, brings serious call volume for deals and warrants your customers are satisfied with your applications.

Professional DIY Bedliner Through Spray-Lining & Coatings Dealers

As a dealer, you can participate in our distributor program. This generates leads and extra income as part of our dealership incentive program.

Compare Us to Others

- Als Liner: About a gallon of Scorpion in "kit" form. Our most "professional" comparison. Hopper gun is overpriced.

- Raptor:5 liters + an inferior undercoating gun also called a kit at about $100.00.

- Herculiner: 1 gallon of urethane with tiny roller - overpriced Wal-Mart product between $89 and $119.

- Duplicolor: made by, "A Sherman Williams Company" - not enough material for a truck bed.

Spray-Lining & Coatings

1 Gallon Bedliner Kit is NOT ENOUGH!!

The Spray-Lining & Coatings DIY bedliner kit

Measuring up: One gallon of any material covers 16 sq ft at 100 mils (1/1000 inch). Quality truck bed liners require at least 100 mils in high stress areas (just under 1/8 inch). 1 gallon is NOT enough on an average truck bed of 65 sq ft.
  • contains liquid parts + micro-solids for 2.3 gallons of rapid-curing product per bed
  • covers 35 mils on verticals & 125 mils for rear of bed, fender wells and tailgate;
  • the best hopper gun is included at lower price than ALL VENDORS
    from $82 (15 beds) to $145 (1 bed)

No other DIY bed liner matches this grade or amount of material. Our dealerships provide these professional-grade DIY kits in addition to their higher-end, fully warranted dealer grade formula they apply.

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