VersaFlex Warranty

VersaFlex will offer warranties on qualified polyurea joint treatment installations and polyurea spray membrane projects. Warranties are issued on projects where prior notification has been provided to VersaFlex. There are certain items of information that we require for processing the applicable warranties.

SL Joint Warranty Requirements

SL warranties for our polyurea joint filler material is offered to many of our 'big box' owners. Warranty period is generally one year, material only. If longer duration warranties are required to fulfill specification requirements the following information is required:

  1. Name and address of the facility.
  2. Name and address of the owner.
  3. Name and address of the installing contractor.
  4. Product installed.
  5. Duration of the warranty.
  6. Commencement date of the warranty.
Note: Warranty takes effect when the warranty form is completed and returned to VersaFlex fully executed and all invoices are paid.

Polyurea Spray Membrane Warranty Requirements

Spray polyurea membrane warranties are more complex. Special information is required for each prospective warranty installation. Foremost, prior notification must be provided to VersaFlex so that an intent to warrant may be given to the owner.

VersaFlex Extended Warranty Requirements

Polyurea Spray Membranes and Technical Coatings Frequently owners request warranties for the products and services installed in their facilities. VersaFlex extends a basic one year quality manufacturing warranty on all products. Often this manufacturer's warranty is sufficient assurance to an owner that the products will meet the requirements of the application. Due to the large number of variables attendant to the installation of the products, VersaFlex does not offer extended warranties on product performance except on a case-by-case basis. If a longer term limited warranty is required in any particular project the following requirements must be followed;

  1. A warranty request form must be received by VersaFlex prior to commencement of the installation. This warranty request form must include all the pertinent details of the installation and must be received and reviewed by VersaFlex in sufficient time to organize proper field inspections or other information related to the installation.
  2. If the installation is covered by a specification for the work, a copy of that portion of the specification related to the VersaFlex products must be received prior to the final bid award for the project. In the event VersaFlex provides the specification or installation instructions for the work, a copy of the final specification indicating acceptance by the owner/owner representative must be received by VersaFlex.
  3. Warranted projects will be installed only by VersaFlex approved applicators in accordance with installation instructions or recommendations of VersaFlex.
  4. Depending on the particular installation, VersaFlex may require inspections by certified or approved personnel before, during and after the installation. If sufficient notice and reasonable time for inspections have not been afforded VersaFlex, issuance of a warranty may be denied. This requirement may be waived only in writing by VersaFlex.
  5. Every project must have issued contract modifications, to be signed by the Owner and the Contractor, prior to deviation from the specified installation.
  6. VersaFlex must be notified prior to any changes to the contract or work.
  7. VersaFlex must have received owner approval of the form of warranty.

Required Warranted Projects documentation:

  1. Receipt of a warranty request form for project with complete installation requirements. Submitted to VersaFlex for preparation or review of Preliminary Project Specification.
  2. Submittal by VersaFlex of acceptance of related Specifications and sample warranty for review by owner.
  3. Receipt by VersaFlex of Owner's approval of final specification and form of warranty.
  4. Receipt by VersaFlex of name of installing contractor and NACE inspector, if required.
  5. Receipt of the notice to proceed.
  6. Receipt of project reports and proposed modifications to the Contract.
  7. Receipt of Owner's acceptance of work.
  8. Creation and issuance of final warranty.