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The Process

The fact that our polyurea coating cures in seconds makes it a very useful product in the pond coating business. A major problem when using chemicals near any type of animal is the safety and well-being of the live animal. Our polyurea coatings cure so rapidly, that aquatic life may be reintroduced to the coated pond within 24 hours or less of applying the coating. This means less hassle and less time wasted before restoring normal pond operation.

The Polyurea coating also boasts incredible puncture resistance with a 710% elongation factor. Spray-Lining is compatible with many different waterscapes; it can be applied as a coating to a concrete/gunite ponds, and with fiberglass and fabrics which effectively eliminates having a crew of workers using gunite. This is less mess from digging for the multiple inch layer of gunite - sometimes as much as 10 inches of earth!

The main polymer constituent of our Polyurea does not require a catalyst to start the reaction. This leads to a very short set-up time, which is a main concern of any applicant.

Polyurea is actually not a single substance or procedure, it is a TECHNOLOGY. This technology encompasses many different formulas and therefore physical properties. The correct Spray-LiningT compound is found depending on the needs and restraints of each specific job. Finding the correct formula, ranging from hybrid to pure polyureas, in conjunction with using the right equipment and preparatory steps can not only save time and money, but also fit virtually any necessary coating job.

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Coating polyurea to Koi Pond lining.

Leak guard on pond drain.

Connecting lining to rock surface.